Veterinary Dentistry Today


An 18-month-old mixed-breed dog was presented for evaluation of a Class III malocclusion. See the unexpected finding below.


A stick foreign body was lodged between the maxillary fourth premolars.


The patient showed no clinical signs. After questioning the owner did remember a foul odor around the patient within the last several days.

Palatal erosion caused bone exposure in the central palate.  Granulation tissue was present in the remaining portion of the palatal defect created by the foreign body. 5 mm circular defects were present palatal to the premolars bilaterally.


Soft tissue and bone destruction in the furcation region of both premolars necessitated extraction. 


Debridement of the palatal defect was performed to remove diseased mucosa leaving a healthy granulation bed. Mucoperiosteal flaps were created to close the extraction site and were extended to cover the 5 mm palatal defect bilaterally.


Tension free closure was accomplished with 4-0 monocryl. Minor Odontoplasty was necessary to treat the malocclusion, followed by dentinal bonding. An NSAID and Tramadol were dispensed for 4 days for pain management. The referring veterinarian confirmed full resolution of the palatal lesion with complete epithelialization of the granulation beds.