Traumatic Malocclusion in a Jack Russell Terrier

Palatal Positioned Flap-08915

This 6 month old Jack Russell Terrier presented for palatal trauma from the mandibular canines.  What is the primary problem?

Palatal Positioned Flap-08916

Palatal Positioned Flap-08917

The mandibular canine teeth are linguoverted, resulting in the trauma seen here.

What treatment option would result in the quickest resolution?

Extraction of the second and third incisors bilaterally to allow the mandibular canines to rest adjacent to the extraction site.  Due to the significant palatal orientation of the mandibular canines, alveoloplasty and excision of the palatal mucosal margin with a palatally positioned flap was needed to eliminate contact.

Palatal Positioned Flap-08922

Bilateral vertical releasing incisions were made.

Palatal Positioned Flap-08925

Mucoperiosteum dissected from the underlying musculature, excision of 2 mm of palatal mucosa and alveoplasty performed.

Palatal Positioned Flap-08935 Palatal Positioned Flap-08938 Palatal Positioned Flap-08939

Immediate postoperative images of the palatally positioned flap.

Palatal Positioned Flap-09013

Palatal Positioned Flap-09015

One month postoperative view.